How to Find Someone’s IP Address from YouTube

YouTube, a video-sharing service, has far more influence on our age than we may believe. It was initially founded in 2005 and has profoundly influenced the world ever since. Today, the site has become the web’s de facto streaming platform. YouTube’s popularity has grown in tandem with technological advancements. The platform has gained much importance in our actual routine.

It comes as no surprise that the platform is a fast expanding entertainment vehicle, but what makes it so appealing to viewers? The app makes it super simple for content creators to share their experiences with a broad audience. The elegance of this idea has inspired countless creators throughout the globe, bringing in a rich range of content. 

The platform has been widespread across all generations due to its easy operation and simple accessibility. Today, the app has evolved from a video-sharing platform to a career move for content creators in both new and seasoned markets. But how often have you viewed the platform to gawk at the UI rather than the clips? It is not something we think about on a frequent basis, right? 

However, we believe you must. It’s so simple and straightforward that all you have to do is dwell on the content and everything else melts into the horizon. While the app continues to gain steam in the minds of tweens and adolescents, it is essential to keep in mind that it is often exploited. Kids are digitally smart but also inexperienced, restless, and curious to know more. 

And this can potentially wreak havoc. In any case, knowing the IP addresses of these so-called creators on the site who are a threat might often assist in tackling problems. This way, you can minimize any problems that they may cause from happening again in the future. If you’re wondering how to locate someone’s IP address on the platform, we’ll explain everything in this blog, so stick with us until the end.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address from YouTube

If you can’t collect people’s IP addresses straight from YouTube, why not try some other methods? Yes, there are several alternative techniques for getting around YouTube and tracking IP addresses. It all hinges on your persistence and cleverness, though. But before we begin, remember: The same ways that succeed for others may not work for you, which is why we’ve included a few of the most trustworthy ones for you to try. 

Also, don’t be afraid if you’re a relative beginner in the field of technology. The procedures we describe do not involve much effort and are, to be honest, relatively simple to follow. Finding IP addresses is far less complicated than it appears at first. There are various websites that may assist you in doing so swiftly. So, if you’re willing to test them out, let us break them down for you one by one.

Making use of the command prompt

Let’s talk about the first method we want you to explore using the command prompt. Although the term may appear complex, we promise you that the procedure is not. You may quickly obtain someone’s IP address with a few easy clicks and flicks. But first, let’s get one thing for sure. 

Have you ever used the command prompt that comes with the Windows operating system? We expect you to be familiar with and utilize this application if you use Windows OS since it is really valuable. However, if you haven’t heard of it, you are skipping out on a lot. To use this strategy, when you access the internet, you must switch off any active apps that may be running on your computer all the time. 

This step is necessary to obtain the required IP address; therefore, complete it before moving to the next stage. Getting the appropriate IP address would be challenging if you fail to close it. Furthermore, bear in mind that your YouTube account must be accessed from a desktop or laptop. Command prompt operates on the Windows operating system, something you can’t get on Android or any other mobile device. 

You must also be interacting with the user whose IP address you require in order for this approach to succeed. However, unlike other social media platforms, YouTube does not include a direct message feature or a messenger. As a result, we recommend that you wait for the individual to make a live broadcast via their desktop. 

The procedure can really only execute if this is implemented. Let’s see what measures we need to take if you believe the requirements we outlined have been met.

Step 1: In your web browser, open YouTube.

Step 2: Search for the target user whose IP address you need.

Step 3: If they are live, initiate an online chat with them. Note that the chat should be a two-way street and long enough to get access to their IP address.

Step 4: Now, minimize the platform for a while, and on your desktop, press the combination of Win + R. Following the step will open the run box.

Step 5: In the box, enter cmd if it is not already entered and tap ok to carry on with the procedure.

Step 6: In the box that opens, input netstat –an beside your name and hit enter.

Step 7: Here, you can scan through the IP addresses that surface for the target user’s IP address.

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