SGPA To Percentage Calculator – Convert SGPA to Percentage

SGPA is a kind of grading system which a student gets for his examinations as a result. This grading system is getting more popular nowadays in many educational institutions all over the world. It varies in its definitions concerning countries, depending on the educational structures of these countries. SGPA is calculated semester wise.

SGPA to Percentage Calculator

SGPA is the weighted average calculated for the grades obtained by the students according to their performances in a particular subject in each semester. SGPA is calculated in each semester. The range in which SGPA varies starts from 0.00 and ends at 10.00.

SGPA termed as Semester Grade Point Average. It is the weighted average score of the student in particular semester exams. It is calculated as the average of all scores obtained by students in different subjects in the given semester.

How to calculate SGPA?

Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) is one of the most commonly used grading systems by many educational institutions to calculate their academic results. SGPA obtained by students represents the performance of the student in a particular semester.

You can follow the below given simple steps to calculate SGPA:

  • To start with, you must know the credit points of each subject.
  • Now after knowing credit points of each subject, multiply these credit points of each subject with the grades obtained in that particular subject.
  • Perform an addition to all the products you got.
  • Divide the resultant sum of all products by the sum of all credit points.
  • The result you got after this will be your SGPA.

How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?

You can convert SGPA to the percentage by a simple procedure, you just have to follow below-mentioned steps:

  • Perform addition on all these semester wise SGPA.
  • Divide the result by the number of semesters you have appeared.
  • Multiply your above answer with 10 and subtract 7.5 from the result, Simply perform (SGPA*10) – 7.5.
  • You will get your desired result now your SGPA is converted into a percentage.


Let’s take an example for better illustration.

  • Imagine SGPA of a student in each semester are: 7.0,7.5,8.0,8.5,9.0
  • 7.0+7.5+8.0+8.5+9.0 = 40
  • 40/5 = 8.0
  • (8.0 *10) – 7.5= 72.5%