Reverse Email Lookup – Find People For Free Using Email Address

A Reverse Email Lookup by StorySlash is a free online tool that lets you do reverse email search in a database of millions of emails and provide name, phone number, address, and much more.

Reverse Email Lookup

Reverse Email Lookup

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Have you ever received emails from unknown email addresses? Well, with the advancement in the number of internet users, email spamming and stalking are quite a common sight.

So, if you have received emails from unknown senders, finding the person behind that email address is very important. This is known as reverse email lookup.

Search engines can only help you to the extent if that email address has been used on any social media platforms, websites, blog pages, public forums, etc.

But if that email address has not been used before, then it becomes quite a hassle. So in this article, we help you discover tips and tricks to find the person behind that email address.

Do a Google Search

A Google search is always the first thing that comes to mind when you want to find more data on someone. It is the first place you want to look for answers as you usually get what you need.

You can perform a similar Google Search with the email address you are dubious about. Type in or simply paste the email address in the Google search bar and see what you find.

reverse email lookup

The email address could also be listed in the page titles or descriptions of the results page. Or you can even use quotes to find the pages that exactly contain the email address if that email address has been used before anywhere on the internet, whether as a scam or positively, you should be able to find some information on it.

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Reverse Email Search with Facebook

It is safe to assume that almost everyone has social media accounts these days. Whether it is for business or personal use, everyone has an online presence. So it is quite possible that the email sender has one too.

This is why searching for your potential sender on social media is a great way to collect information about them.

Facebook is one such platform that allows a profile search by email address. So the first step for you is to type in or paste the email address in the Facebook search bar. If a profile with such an email address exists, you will find the information pertaining to that email address.

Since Facebook has about a billion users, there is a possibility of finding the person behind the email address. Similarly, you can run searches on other social media platforms as well.

If you do happen to find any information, especially a profile picture, then the next step is to download it. Usually, some users prefer to use the same picture throughout all social media networks.

Once you have found the profile picture, upload it to Google images to run another search. This will help you find if that profile picture has been used anywhere else.


There are many methods by which you can find the sender of the email. Even though the email may seem important, there is also a possibility that it could be a scam.

So it is very important to be vigilant with your emails to keep your network safe. But if the email seems to come from an organization you have dealt with before, then your best bet is to contact the company directly.