Instagram Username Availability – Check If Instagram Username Is Available

To use this Instagram Username Availability checker, please type your desired username in the box provided, and then click on the check button to know whether Instagram username available or not.

Instagram Username Availability

Instagram Username Availability

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Choosing a perfect Instagram username is a very difficult yet crucial step as upcoming followers will recognize you with the username you are about to choose.

Remember, you are not going to build ‘Yet another Instagram Profile’, you are going to build your dream on Instagram.

That’s why you and every business, influencer or blogger should choose the Instagram Username with utmost research.

However, we understand that the Availability of Instagram Username is one thing that bothers most of us.

Suppose, you came up with a great Instagram username, however, upon creating the profile, you find, sorry Instagram username not available for registration or username is already taken.

We completely understand how it feels like and thus we came up with an Instagram Username Checker tool.

What is Instagram Username Availability?

The Instagram Username Availability Checker by StorySlash is a free web-based tool that allows you to check whether an Instagram username is available for registration or not. It also helps you to identifies if 3 or 4 letters Instagram name is available or not.

The tool does not require you to install any application in your device. All you have to do is just type your desired name in the box provided and tap on the check button. Don’t forget to try our other relevant tools like Instagram Email Finder, Gmail Username Availability.

How to Check Instagram Username Is Available or Not

  • Open Instagram Username Availability tool.
  • Enter username in the given box.
  • After that tap on the Check Availability button.
  • You will see if an Instagram username is available or not.
instagram username availability

Features of Instagram Username Availability

Some of the key features of our Instagram Username Checker are given below.

Easy to Use

This tool has a user-friendly UI, you just have to put your desired Instagram username in the ‘Search Box’ and that’s it you will get the result in the blink of an eye. Isn’t it amazing?

This feature also allows you to check the availability of names in other languages than English, our tool can speak your language.

Combination of Multiple Efficient Tools

We don’t only offer Username Checker, you can also use our recommended tools like Username Generator, Gmail Username Availability, and Fancy Text Generator.

It’s Free

Yeah, you read it right, it’s completely free and you can search for the availability of your name instantly.

But, again what if you don’t find your desired username available? Don’t worry we have curated this post to help you skip all the hardship associated with choosing the perfect username for Instagram.

5 Steps to Choose the Perfect Instagram Username

If you want to update your handle with a new twist. Or make another alternate profile with the intent to become an Influencer, it’s hard to find the right username these days, but this is really important.

Fortunately, as discussed previously you can search for Instagram usernames using our tool to find the right one. This is a simple, easy tool that saves you energy and time.

Follow these 5 steps to find something special, simple, accessible and catchy to pick a perfect Instagram username.

Make it Around Your Niche

When choosing your Instagram username the most important thing is to determine what you want to do with your profile.

In short, what’s your niche? Try to add your niche as it will help you get easily searchable.

instagram username availability

However, before selecting the username it’s essential that you discover the niche or purpose you are going to serve.

This will help you come up with an even more creative and relatable name.

Keep it Unique

Of course, you can’t use a name that’s already taken. However, you should prevent using the name that sounds like existing businesses or products that are already on Instagram.

Because problems with copyright infringement will come back to haunt you.

instagram username availability

Blend the Essentials Creatively

You would like to use the following elements: first, middle and last names, birthday and special words if you intend to share personal pictures with the entire family and family to see.

Make sure, the persona you seek to express is described and the essentials added. You may want to use an inside joke or code word if you intend to set up a private account for your best friends.

instagram username availability

Finally, you would want to include the name of your business, the type of business, the company location, and industry keywords if you want to build a business account.

It’s a safe idea that all social media sites retain your username regularly.

List of Don’ts

❌ Do not spell it wrong and pay attention to typos. It’s likely to ruin your esthetics. Yet some people intentionally spell things incorrectly. This is usually because you have already taken it. Some people may, for example, prefer @loveeofart because it is already @loveofart. This will confuse and make it impossible for people to find you.

❌ Don’t use a lot of numbers. Of course, if you really want a unique identity, sometimes numbers can be your only choice. We advise not to use numbers but do not use a long list of numbers if you need to. @BeautyLoveSong1281294 looks like a for example.

❌ Don’t use underscores if your name is already too long. Letters and symbols that repeat consecutively make it difficult to read and remember. Furthermore, too many underscores will make it long and the ability of users’ to recall will vanish.

❌ Don’t use gender, religion, and region. Except, if this is your particular niche, the potential size of your market will be significantly restricted before you even start. If you want to hold them around and connect with your content, you have to value what your folks want to see.

Note: Sometimes, you may need to use underscores to construct your own unique name. Ideally, you would like to stop using them at all but that might not be possible. Limit the use of these, and never place two or more periods / underscores next to each other.

The explanation for this is that it makes it easier for people to find your profile and look for you. Google would view “word1.word2.word3.word4” as four different terms which will make it much more difficult to find.

List of Do’s

✔️ Make it easy to remember. People will type it in to look for you so make sure it’s quick and easy to write, if possible.

✔️ Make it relevant to your account. If you post pictures of all your favorite meaty stuff, pick @plantsarefriends, like that.

✔️ Keep it Clean. Do not fill in the random numbers and underscores. The neater your bio looks, the better.

✔️ It should be iconic. You need to have a recognizable ring to your profile. It’s best to be short and simple!

In short, the username you choose is crucially significant. It needs to be visible and pop up instantly when people are looking for you. The way your profile is designed will decide a large portion of your success.

If you are already a world-famous brand or a celebrity who everybody knows by name, people can read your name and get a clear idea of what your company is all about instantly. This is the first step toward optimizing your Instagram growth.