Gmail Username Availability

To use this Gmail Username Availability, please type your desired email address in the box provided, and then click on the Check Availability button to know whether Gmail username available or not.

Gmail Username Availability

Gmail Username Availability
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Do you want to get a new Gmail username? Are you concerned about how to choose the perfect email address for your Gmail account?

Well, choosing a perfect email address is a very difficult yet crucial step. But don’t worry, we are here to help you to find the perfect username for your upcoming Gmail ID.

Before digging further on it. Let us introduce you to something that might interest you to the core.

We have developed a Gmail Username Availability tool by which you can check the availability of your preferred username instantly.

Excited to know more?

What is Gmail Username Availability?

The Gmail Username Availability Checker by StorySlash is a free web-based username availability tool that validates email address online for free. It will also help you to find whether or not your preferred username is available for the registration on Gmail.

Basically this tool connects to the mail server and checks whether the email address exists or not. It supports almost every email service provider like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Zoho Mail, AOL Mail, GSuit, and Custom Domain email.

The tool does not require you to send any sample mail to the target id. All you have to do is just type your email address in the box provided and tap on the check availability button.

The best part about this tool is that it’s completely free and easy to use. It’s a fast and reliable way to find the best e-mail address.

We don’t only offer this service, you can also use multiple other tools on our website. The tools like Instagram Email FinderInstagram Username Availability, and much more.

How to Check Gmail Username Available or Not?

  • Open Gmail Username Availability by StorySlash.
  • Type Email Address in the given box.
  • Tap on Check Availability button.
  • Next, you will see if email is available or not.
gmail username availability

Suppose, you find that it’s not available. No, what to do? How to find the perfect Gmail Username now?

Nothing to worry, we will have a quick glance at how to find your perfect Gmail username. Before we start, let us see some of the characteristics of a perfect email address:

  • They have your name in a professional manner.
  • Make sure you are not overusing underscores or numbers.
  • Easy to pronounce and easy to remember.
  • Make sure, it’s not starting with a number.
  • It is free from unnecessary and unprofessional adjectives like cook, handsome, sweet, and the like.
  • It represents you in a professional way.

4 Steps to Choose the Perfect Gmail Username

In a fast-growing world’s population, the usage of Gmail users are also increasing significantly. Now, it is a struggle to find the right Gmail username.

It is also a well-said fact that the first impression does matter and Email is the first step of communication for any business or career proposal. There is no denying that Gmail is the most used email service in the world. So, it becomes quite important to choose the right username.

Fortunately, there are certain ways that can be kept in mind and get a perfect Gmail id. Let us quickly look at the points that should be kept in mind while choosing the perfect Gmail username.

Let’s have a look.

Use Your Name

It is always a good choice to have your first name or first and last name together with your Gmail address as it is easily identifiable and the name forms the best professional email address.

gmail username availability

But again, in a crowd of a billion users, it becomes a little difficult to find it available. But, it is always a better choice to start with checking your name.

Try the following format to make an effective username:

Username FormatExample
First + Last
First . Last
First _ Last

If you are lucky and have an uncommon name, then you may get it or just head on to the next point.

Add Suitable Prefix and Suffixes

You can try adding some appropriate words before or after your name that may include:

Starting the alphabet of your first and last name followed by your full name. For example, if your name is John Clay then it can be

You can also try to prefix it with your profession or gender such as doc for doctors, er for engineer or Mr, Ms or whichever suits you well.

gmail username availability

For example, if your name is John Clay then your username can be:

  • mr_johnclay
  • er_johnclay
  • doc_johnclay

If still, it does not work, then try using the name of your city, college, workplace, or any professional association as your suffix.

Do not use unnecessary adjectives like cool, sweet, handsome, pretty, and the like as it makes your email id unprofessional.

Get Creative

For people who are in creative fields, this can work great. You can use your username to portray yourself with something related to your field. If you are a writer, author, painter, or any professional from the creative field, you can choose a username that expresses your work or thoughts.

gmail username availability

A unique and creative address can surely catch people’s attention and pique their interest. The more creative you can be, the more easily the username will pass the eligibility.

Writers and people from the creative writing field can use the name of their notable work as a username while people from the non-writing field can use their name combined with their specific art form.

Add Punctuation or Numbers

Since so many people have email addresses, you probably already have the address you want. Therefore, you will need to be willing to make some changes to build a uniquely usable email address.

Another approach is to modify the vocabulary, whether that means deleting a letter, inserting an additional letter, and so on. This can be done by adding pointing, whether underlined or periodical.

gmail username availability

Another way of doing so. Many types of punctuation may not be allowed depending on what email server you use, so note. The addition of numbers is another way to create a single address.