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Email Verifier

Email Verifier
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Email is considered as a traditional yet important marketing tool for all businesses out there. The concept is simple – build an email list by collecting the email addresses of interested customers and send regular updates of your brand to loyal customers.

However, there are times when you start to lose your audience. Out of hundreds of emails you send, only a few of them reach the target customers. The rest of them simply bounce back.

According to the research, incorrect email addresses make 57.26% of the mails that are labeled as junk. If that ever happens, you need to work on the verification process rather than sending a message to addresses.

email verifier

What is Email Verifier?

The Email Verifier by StorySlash is a free email verification tool that lets you verify and check email address is valid or not.

Basically, email verification refers to the process of verifying the authenticity of an email address. This process helps you determine whether the email address you are sending the messages to is real or not.

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Sending mail to wrong addresses will not only waste your time, but you will end up losing your customers to your competitors.

Research suggests that the email list tends to drop by 22.5% annually. There is a good chance most of the contacts on the list you built a year ago will turn invalid in 1-2 years.

email verifier

Sending mail to incorrect addresses has many drawbacks such as:

  • Your reputation as a sender is affected as your bounce rate goes up.
  • People with a low reputation are considered spam. If your sender reputation falls below an average level, then all the messages you send will be shown as spam or junk messages.
  • It affects your campaign and deliverability negatively. Most of the messages you send will straight enter the junk folder of your prospects.
  • Last, your potential clients will never even receive updates about your brand.

Overall, businesses that have a high bounce rate will be marked spam. Their messages won’t be able to make it to the inboxes of the customers, let alone encouraging them to take action. This results in poor business performance and a bad ROI.

How Does Email Verifier Work?

Email deliverability is key to your marketing campaign success. You need to ensure that the message you send is reaching real people i.e. your target audience rather than bouncing. The lower your bounce rate is, the better your deliverability will be.

Basically, it is a three-step process, which involves: Syntax & format checking, server confirmation, and mailbox validation.

Let’s understand each process in short.

Email Syntax & Format Check

There is a specific format for emails. For instance, Yahoo address never starts with digits. Whether you send emails to Yahoo or Gmail, the first step to determine the authenticity of the emails is their formats and syntax.

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Now, the format of email addresses is complex. Even if you are a tech-expert, it is nearly impossible to check the format of thousands of emails manually.

It can take weeks and even months for a person to verify the syntax of the complete list. Email address comprises two parts i.e. the local and domain address. Both sections must meet the standard format in order to be declared as valid.

For instance, is inappropriate, but $#%^ is valid.

Similarly, there are a plethora of conditions that apply to syntax and formatting. Even a minor error could make the address invalid.

While it is difficult for people to check the format manually, the online tool can do it in a millisecond. Yes, you read it right! No matter how many addresses you have, the tool checks the complete list in a matter of seconds.

Domain Validation

Once the format and syntax verification test are over, the tool access the DNS records for the particular domain to ensure that it is used by an authentic user and is currently active.

email verifier

This process also involves testing a mail exchanger to determine whether or not the message received by the user.

Only the emails that pass these steps and are declared authentic will be used for the individual Mailbox verification process.

Mailbox Validation

The last step of the process is to verify that the individual mailbox exists. In simple terms, this step confirms that the mails reach a particular subscriber.

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Basically, the verification tool contacts the mail server through the SMTP Protocol to check whether the mailbox is active. The best part is this entire process is carried out without sending a single message.

Usually, all the three steps in the verification process take no longer than 1-2 seconds. However, the total time required to verify an email mainly depends on how the server responds.

Email Verification Result

The verification results can vary depending on the service provider you use. However, each tool allows users to download a complete report or view the results.

Some verification service providers share minimum information stating whether it is valid or invalid. Others offer a comprehensive report with a detailed explanation about the risky or invalid email addresses.

email verifier

You could also opt for a real-time verification process, which checks right when you add it to your email contact list. It is the best way to ensure all email addresses you are adding to the list are valid.